Vuejs Age

Information & Technology age! This is what we live nowadays. Also, it is called Computer Age or Digital Age. But in this article, let’s call it Vue Js Age. This program is a progressive JavaScript framework and its purpose is to create brighten apps with minimum effort. But we all were used to frameworks like Angular or React. Now, the question is. Should every web developer learn Vuejs? Actually, there are many reasons and one of the most important could be that studies show that, in comparison with other frameworks, Vue is the most popular, according to statistics from Vuejs — A New Beginning.
As Evan You, the creator of Vue said: “Vue got more exposure and React became open source: that’s a win win.”
How did Vue become so big?
First of all, Vue 1.0 was benefited of the appreciation of the public, when people have realized that this program offers a stable library. That was the moment when Vue earn the public’s trust. After a while, Vue 2.0 introduced new features, making it lighter, faster and better in every way. Then, its popularity has been continuously flourishing and spreading through the world.
Why should you advise your supervisor to use Vue?
Before anything else, there are so many companies, around 300.000 developers using Vue in the world today. Moreover, Vue’s major priority is not to break their code as long as they have a lot of responsibility. Evan You said that their interest is to keep the API as stable as possible. Here you can see the complete interview .
As well, there are many opportunities while using Vue:
  • Reactive interfaces
  • Declarative rendering
  • Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Template logic
  • Event Handling
  • CSS transitions & Animations
  • Custom filters
  • Computed properties
Vue Is Future
In the next five to ten years, the Vue’s team vision is to work as hard as possible, continue this project until they will guarantee an easier way to build substances for Internet, so the developers can use all these advantages and favors. Another important element that Vue’s creator has announced that for him, is very important to be in competition with other frameworks in order to keep up with the constantly changing world.


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